MLM Matrix Compensation Plan


The Matrix MLM Compensation Plan also known as ladder Plan or Forced Matrix Plan comes under the category of MLM compensation plans. This MLM plan based on a compensation structure which consists of a certain width and depth, represented by the formula ‘width*depth’.

How Does MLM Matrix Compensation Plan Works?

The matrix MLM compensation plan is entirely different while compared to other MLM Plans. Let’s use the 3 x 7 matrix as an example, you are on top, and have 3 on your front line. Your second level is 9, third 27, and eventually, your seventh level is about 2,187. If filled up, your entire organization will compensate you for a total of only 3,279 people. Many of the top leaders in this industry have organizations of tens or hundred times larger network than this. Literally, converting an unlimited opportunity to a limited income position.


The matrix MLM compensation plan possesses limited width. Our MLM companies use variations of matrix MLM plan like 3×2, 2×2 matrix cycles to regulate their amount of compensation by completing matrix cycle. Although there exist many models to the matrix plan including the Forced Matrix compensation plan, the basic concept of the matrix plan remains the same. The distributors must help their downline members in the growth of their organization because there is the limited width of Matrix. In the Matrix MLM compensation plan when the front line becomes full, the distributors have to sponsor new recruits deeper into their down line. Consequently, these new distributors are allocated to the next available position. As plans develop, we will have the privilege to allocate positions to these new distributors. These features made this structure more attractive. Our plan give more to customer for control over their business and increases the amount of teamwork.


Some organizations included additional tactics like infinite bonuses and roll up compression enabling diligent suppliers to generate income on levels specified outside the detail of the strategy to make Matrix Plan more eye-catching. However, Consider the fact that despite the number of these eye-catching rewards, Only a few suppliers have the effective resource to generate them.

Our MLM Companies can make more attractive Forced Matrix Plan by increasing the depth for bonuses and compensation; some MLM companies can reduce the width in this regard. We can say the Matrix Plan have potential for new comers as well as old members.

  1. What makes the matrix plan unique is the limitation to building width in your organization?

The problem with a model of this type is that while it looks great on paper, it is difficult to achieve in the real world.

The most obvious, and most hyped, benefit to the Matrix plan is the potential for “spill-over.” Spill-over occurs when you have maximized your first level and all sponsored directly by you afterward “spill” to subsequent levels. The point of this is to provide support to your downline, allowing you to build an organization faster. One benefit of this effect is that a new business owner could actually end up with two sponsors; the one who sponsored them and the one under whom they fall in the matrix.

One study conducted to examine the effect of such a narrow focus revealed that once a business owner achieved three downline, either through their own efforts or through spill-over, they would not or could not quit.  Based upon feedback from participants, this effect was attributed to fear of loss.

Compensation in a matrix plan tends to be maximized further down than on than other types of plans, at least on paper. Since the width is limited, and organizations tend to go deeper in matrix plans, so do the levels bonuses are paid on. It is also much easier to predict how much you will earn on each level, since you will know exactly how many people will fill each one. Generally, matrix plans are simple and easy to explain and understand.

  1. Can you explain further more on this plan ?

According to another study, MLM participants will sponsor 2.6 new business owners on average. In other words, if your matrix width is greater than two, you will not likely see any spill-over. But it is important to recognize that this is not the median, but the average. You should carefully consider the following points when evaluating a matrix compensation plan.

  • Width versus depth relative to payout: for example, you will probably make more money with a 5 x 6 matrix with a 40% payout.
  • Check to see if you get paid on every level
  • What kind of products lend themselves to matrix plans? In a word – all.

Compensations in Matrix MLM Plan

Matrix MLM Plan is known as Ladder Plan or Forced Matrix Plan comes under the category of MLM compensation plans which is similar to a pyramid. Compensation structure consisting of a certain width and depth forms the core of this MLM Plan, represented by the formula ‘width x depth’.


Structure of Matrix MLM Plan


Matrix MLM plan is distinct with its limited width. In this MLM plan, the number of distributors that can be sponsored in the first level is restricted to less than five. The most commonly used matrix MLM plans are 4×7, 5×7, 3×9 and 2×12. The first number refers to the width of the plan while the second number refers to the depth of the plan. But the ability to spillover boosts the benefit by motivating downline distributors to sponsor more into their downline. An inclusion of additional tactics like increasing the depth for bonuses and compensation can make the Matrix Plan more eye-catching.


Matrix MLM plan is basically a  unilevel plan  with being limited width and depth. The MLM Company can set structure of their plan so as to qualify a particular level that may be 4 in width and 7 in depth (denoted by 4 x 7). In other words, a distributor only can introduce 4 as his front-line and a member can earn compensation up to 7th level. Hence, Compensation in Matrix MLM is such that, the members organized in a particular width and depths are compensated only when they accomplish a set level. Also, the amount of income compensated on each level is varying; therefore there is more motivation for suppliers to help some stages of their network.


Benefits of Matrix MLM Compensation

  1. Limited width in this plan prompts a member to motivate his/ her downline members for earning more profit also in focusing their efforts on helping downlines sponsor more distributors.
  2. Another benefit of Matrix MLM Compensation is its ability to spillover will motivate downline distributors to sponsor more into their downline possibly to deeper levels and eventually benefits the organization.
  3. Some matrix plans feature compression, which will pull one (or more) members up from below to fill the ‘hole’ generated in the matrix that never gets paid when distributors drop out after they have sponsored other members.
  4. Limiting the growth of organization for easy management purposes without limiting the earning in a controlled structure is possible in this plan, which gives distributors more control over their business and in fostering teamwork.


Support for Matrix MLM Compensation


Many Matrix MLM Software is developed and available in the market to support Matrix MLM Compensation. Rather than a mere support, by selecting our mlm software , we could make sure our plan provides every aspect from better member to money management so as to earn huge profit and thus to run an MLM business smoothly. Matrix bonuses, referral bonuses, matching bonuses, position bonuses, and matrix completion bonuses are some of the features that can be integrated to make the MLM Software advanced.