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Eshop Features
  • Global MLM Shop


      • Search and sort to easily find categories
      • Manage categories and sub-categories
      • Feature categories within navigation or on the homepage
      • Set categories as “active” or “inactive”
      • Set page URL's and SEO elements for categories
      • Manage categories thumbnails and images

    • Brand
      • Manage brands
      • Feature brands on the homepage
      • Set brands as “active” or “inactive”
      • Set page URL's and SEO elements for brands
      • Manage brand logos

    • Products
      • Search and sort to easily find products in certain categories or with specific attributes
      • Easily manage and edit products
      • Product fields include name, SKU, product details, additional details, list price, your price, weight, stock, minimum quantity order amount, handling fee and more.
      • Ability to select options such as featured, free shipping, reviews allowed, require moderation for reviews and more
      • Add and manage main product image and additional product images
      • Microsoft Word-like editor for managing content block, such as product details
      • Feature products on the homepage
      • Set products as “active” or “inactive”
      • Add products to a single category or multiple categories
      • Select product brand
      • Add and manage product options and option groups
      • Add and manage related products
      • Add and manage accessories
      • Attach and embed YouTube videos
      • Manage (approve and delete) product reviews
      • Set product page URL and SEO elements for products

      • Manage content pages and create new content pages
      • Edit pages using a Microsoft Word-like content editor
      • Add images and manage uploaded image library
      • Image editing and cropping tool
      • Set page as “active” or “inactive”
      • Set page URL and SEO elements

    • Homepage Banners
      • Manage homepage banners
      • Set banner sort orders
      • Set banner URL or leave unlinked
      • Set banners as “active” or “inactive”

    • Navigation
      • Manage your main navigations including header, side and footer
      • Add drop down to main navigation
      • Manage SEO elements on links such as link title
      • Set links to open in same or new window

    • Auto Email Messages
      • Manage main email template design
      • Set messaging for order status emails
      • Set messaging for thank you email on product reviews and blog comment submissions

    • Review Management
      • Manage all product reviews
      • Set reviews to “approved” or delete reviews

    • Comment Management
      • Manage all blog comments
      • Set comments to “approved” or delete comments


    • Customers
      • Manage content pages and create new content pages
      • Edit pages using a Microsoft Word-like content editor
      • Add images and manage uploaded image library
      • Image editing and cropping tool
      • Set page as “active” or “inactive”
      • Set page URL and SEO elements

    • Orders

      • Search and sort to easily find orders by specific variables
      • Manage and updated order status
      • View order number and all customer information
      • View order information and purchase details (products, tax, shipping, addresses, etc.)
      • Add private notes to the order
      • View shipping and billing address maps
      • Create and manage custom order statuses
      • Receive email when order is placed
      • Export orders to Excel

    • Discount Codes

      • Create and manage discount codes
      • Add discount codes to categories, brand or products
      • Add discount codes that affect shipping
      • Set codes as “active” or “inactive”
      • Ability to set percentages off, amount off or a set price
      • “Auto Apply” discount codes when product added to cart option
      • Set and manage dates code is active
      • Set minimum and maximum quantity requirements for discount codes
      • Set number of times code can be used before automatically becoming inactive

    • Dashboard

      • Interactive administrative dashboard with charts and statistics
      • Ability to change dashboard statistics to reflect specific date ranges
      • Dashboard date-range reports include store sales by amount, store sales order volume, new customers vs. returning, top selling products, top selling brands, most used discount codes
      • Dashboard general reports (not based on date range) include low inventory reporting, total products in store, total categories in store, customer count, lifetime orders and lifetime revenue

      Single Reports

      • Single reports, outside of the dashboard, include sales by date range, top selling product by date range, low inventory by quantity and new customer by date range.

      Detailed Reports

      • Track sales and payments
      • Track abandon rates and where customers abandon in online shop
      • Report on top Catalogues and Products. By amount or quantity sold
      • Report on Shipping Options and popularity
      • Report on Discount Codes and redemption
      • Detailed visitors reporting including new vs returning, location, IP address, Spy Lens and more
      • Track usage for any catalogue or on an aggregate basis
      • Track usage for any product or on an aggregate basis
      • Save any report and run later
      • Export any report to Microsoft Excel for further analysis

    • Dynamic Titles

      • Manage all dynamic title tag structure throughout the website
      • Configure dynamic title and META tags for categories and sub-categories
      • Configure dynamic title and META tags for brand pages
      • Configure dynamic title and META tags for product pages

      Specific Titles & Meta Information

      • Configure site wide default title and META tags
      • Set unique title, META tags and URL information for specific content pages, category, brand or product pages

    • Shipping Options

      • Set store static shipping rates based on weight, dollar amount and zone
      • Set specific price or percentage of order
      • Live shipping rates based on shipping address utilizing UPS, USPS and FedEx
      • Set and manage shipping discount codes and promotions
      • Set free shipping on individual products
      • Set your stores origin of shipment zip code and country code
      • Active and deactivate shipping carriers
      • Manage UPS, USPS & FedEx available shipping services (ground, first-class, express, etc.)

      Payment Options

      • Active and deactivate payment types available
      • Manage Authorize.net account settings
      • Manage PayPal account settings
      • Allow offline payment option

      Taxes & Locations

      • Manage countries available
      • Manage tax rates for each US State or Canadian province by percentage
      • Activate and deactivate countries
      • Set shipping zones per state or province

      Email Configuration

      • Set email server configuration and store email address
      • Fields include server name, server port, username, password, enable SSL and store email address
      • * Email will be configured during development

      Administration Users

      • Add and delete administration logins with name, email and password

    • Stock & Inventory Management

      • Complete inventory control. Optionally hide products from shop if out of stock
      • Allow any out-of-stock product to be pre-ordered
      • Set re-order threshold and be notified when product stock level falls below a certain quantity
      • Enable drop shipping on any product and automatically notify suppliers to fulfill customer orders
      • Admin Notification if Product is out of Stock
  • Front End Website

    Mobile responsive website with eshop integration with CMS management system

  • Admin and User Back Office

    PWA ready modern user and admin back office

  • Replicated Website

    Replicated site for each user with referral link to invite member from all social media platform.

  • Hosting & Domain

    Free shared hosting for 1 year, 1 business domain for 1 year, 1 year free ssl for 1 year.

  • Free Support

    Free lifetime support